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Eyelash Shampoo Soft Foam 5.1 oz

Eyelash Shampoo Soft Foam 5.1 oz

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Made in Korea

Type: Soft Foam Bubble Cleanser

Maximize glue adhesion.

Blackberry Eyelash Shampoo maximizes the adhesion of the eyelash extension glue by removing oil and foreign substances from the eyelash area.

Minimize skin irritation.

Alcoholic ingredients are not added and are composed of various natural extracts, so you can use them with confidence without irritation.

Eyelash extensions last longer.

When you use eyelash shampoo, you can see the effect of increasing the duration of eyelash extension by 1.5 to 2 times compared to before use.

How to use the product.

Step 1- Apply enough Blackberry eyelash shampoo to the eyelash area with your eyes closed. You can use it without removing your makeup separately.

Step 2-Rub evenly in a circle using a only brush.

Step 3-Wipe the foam clean with a sponge and dry it completely.

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